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Software product support

Software product support

ScanDix offers free and unlimited software product support, and these are our conditions:

General product support.

  • Ordinary free product support includes general questions about features, functions, license terms, and other standard product uses.
  • Overall, there are many questions about many products and many items. These are examples of questions we can answer.
  • How can I save or load as a specific file type?
  • Which product can be adapted the software to particular needs?
  • Where to download updates and any included upgrades?.
  • How to set the program's unique features or collaborate across platforms?

Those are examples of questions you will have answered when you contact us.

How we provide software support?

ScanDix has a significant number and several types of software products. Customers at ScanDix are entitled to free and unlimited product support. However, we can not immediately deal with all possible issues that customers are meeting. Besides, telephone support can be extremely time-consuming for both parties as manufacturers, and chain suppliers may need various clarifying questions and further investigation. In some cases, product support will take some time because we need to contact the manufacturer's technical support to locate specific and additional product information and the details of the particular license agreement.

To sum up, this is why our free and unlimited product support is only provided by e-mail. This way, we will ensure the most efficient and best possible product support and resolution. On the other hand, customers who insist on achieving product support by phone must know about the call charge and our rates.

The standard way to contact us is simlpy by using our websites contact form.

Additional support by charge with hourly rates, including telephone support, includes the following:

  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Remote Support (We take over your PC over the Internet)
  • Personal one to one support
  • Classroom teaching
  • Course and training of teams and groups
  • Installation and deployment on networks (Deployment)

Who will be entitled to free product support?

The product support only applies to customers of ScanDix and includes private customers, businesses, educational institutions, government, non-profit and public institutions. Exemptions of free support are students and teachers who are advised to contact the brand owner or your educational institution's IT support related to the product. It has no relevance which product, version, or type you need support. Our support team is experienced, trained, and entitled to help.

When using our support option, please understand that our team might be busy with other support requests, but we will answer all inquiries as soon as possible. Also, if we need to request help from externals, we will notify you about the process and get back to you as quickly as possible.

We DO NOT provide free product support for the following:

  • Installation support is already included in the manufacturer's general manual, guide, installation instructions, or similar.
  • Integration with unknown hardware or software, including network integration and rollout.
  • Security-related issues. Please consult your internal IT support.
  • Support that does not relate to the purchased product.

We consider these and the alike as exceptional support. However, you are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding offer.

Important: Software manufacturers own products and technical supports

Please note that all manufacturers have product support which depends on each software agreement. There might differ in the level of service from individual software manufacturers. Thus, ScanDix provides general product support as customer service and refers to the manufacturer's appointment.