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Software licenses

Software licensing today is more than a Windows installation or an antivirus product. Software licensing has become a crucial part of the organization's infrastructure, production, and collaboration, both onsite, offline, locally, globally, in the cloud or in some cases completly offline for privacy ans ecurity resons. Correct licensing, covering the correct type of user, the correct type of use, the correct period, the correct discount level, and the correct number of users, can all be a struggle. The list of things to consider when purchasing software can be even longer and more complex. And this is why you will mostly need a professional and authorized, value-added software reseller.

Software for single users.

Software for single users includes individuals, but also businesses, governments, and educational institutions of any size. A single user is basically just defined by the purchase of a single unit of software to whom the license will be granted the right to install the software on typically one device, different from volume licenses, server license, concurrent, and the like. Depending on your choice of brand or product the single user might be allowed to install on multiple devices as long as they do not use the product concurrently and only one individual can be using the software at the same time.

For corporate business and organizations.

New software purchases and the use of commercial software require a valid license. Depending on the brand and the product, your organization will need to consider standard software (1 user), volume licenses (typically from 5 users and up), a concurrent/floating license for your team, or a site license for the entire network.

Every day, our product team keeps our products up to date and carefully categorizes and defines them with attributes, allowing you to filter, search, and limit your search to that specific product, solution, or type of organization you represent.

Software license type and users types

Software is a tool to help you in your everyday life to get the job done in the easiest way possible.

There are three types of software.

  1. System software, e.g., Windows operating system, macOS, Android, or iOS
  2. Supporting software, e.g., Antivirus running in the background but should not have any other attention.
  3. Application software is all other software such as Word for word processing, MindManager for project management, Snagit for communication, CorelDRAW for graphic work, or any applications and programs designed to perform many specific tasks.

ScanDix has many years of experience with all types of software; therefore, we believe we are a little out of the ordinary as software experts and software resellers.