Introducing NEW VideoStudio 2019!

The leading choice for video editing View email in browser Corel New! VideoStudio Pro 2019 and VideoStudio Ultimate 2019

  • Corel Painter 2018 Education Lic (Single User)

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  • Corel PDF Fusion 1 License ML (1-10)

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  • CorelCAD 2017 Education License L1 (Single User)

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  • CorelCAD 2017 Education License Level 2 (5-50)

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  • CorelCAD 2017 License PCM ML Lvl 2 (5-50)

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  • CorelCAD 2017 License PCM ML Single User

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Edu Lic (Single User)

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 License (5-50)

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Single User License

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Single User Upg Lic

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Upgrade Lic (5-50)

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  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 365-Day Subscription (5-50)

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New Kiosk Mode Now Available in Deep Freeze Cloud!

New Kiosk Mode Now Available in Deep Freeze Cloud! 

New WINSelect service enhancements include:

  • Kiosk Mode has been completely redesigned
  • Use the new Kiosk Designer to create fully customizable kiosk experiences by adding Application and Weblink icons
  • Customize your Application or Weblink icons, text, and colors
  • Upload your own icons or use from the predefined Icon Gallery
  • Upload your own wallpapers or use from the predefined Wallpaper Gallery
  • Add company logo
  • Add date/time
  • Add custom text 
  • Add a Language Picker for a multi-language kiosk experience
  • Provide shutdown and logoff power options
  • Support for both Landscape and  Portrait orientation
  • Command line support for Applications
  • Hide background Applications
  • User session duration can be set up to 24 hours now
  • Generate up to 1000 user session codes now

ABBYY Recognition Server becomes ABBYY FineReader Server

ABBYY Recognition Server has been upgraded and rebranded as ABBYY FineReader Server.

Bringing the Recognition Server into ABBYY’s top-of-the-line FineReader product family makes ABBYY’s expansive product portfolio easier to navigate for clients and partners.

Powered by ABBYY’s next generation intelligent #OCR technology, FineReader Server 14 “is designed to significantly accelerate and simplify core #business processes such as #digitization of documents for further processing with eDiscovery and digital forensics systems; long-term document storage and compliance and many more,” says ABBYY’s SVP

More info? Read the official source news at “ABBYY Recognition Server Rebrands as ABBYY FineReader Server and Gets a Major Update” 

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FineReader 14 update with extended support for PDF industry standards

ABBYY FineReader 14 not only keeps up with the industry standards but also continuously works to improve user experience in order to deliver truly reliable and versatile PDF solution which is easy to use for everyone.

FineReader 14 (Windows) update brings a number of improvements to the PDF functionality:

PDF/UA support for creating or converting to fully accessible PDF documents which are equally available to everybody. Learn more ›

PDF 2.0 support for opening and viewing PDF documents which adhere to the latest ISO standard specification. Learn more › 

Leading-edge OCR technology with better PDF tagging and increased accuracy of Japanese text recognition and expanded Korean support with recognition of Hanja characters. Learn more

The latest improvements are completely free for customers already using FineReader 14 for Windows and can be accessed through the automatic updates or through the Help > Check for updates menu in the software.

  • FineReader Mac Upgrade

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  • ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard Upgrade

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  • ABBYY FineReader 14 Corporate Upgrade

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MindManager 2019 – The benefits.

Recently MindManager 2019 was launched and our customers are thrilled. But what makes this new version to much different, what are the benefits?

Throughout the years MindManager have constantly changed and adopted to the new Windows technology, the supporting apps and the modern technology in general but the purpose is the same – to help and support individuals and teams see the big picture, brainstorm and innovate to solve problems, create winning methodologies and plan out the activities to transform their ideas into the real world.

With version 2019, users of MindManager got another enormous stride. This version truly moves the dial on how MindManager can be utilized to see your reality from alternate points of view, create new bits of knowledge, and enhance profitability inside the organisation.

The MindManager developers has been working diligently, and is eager to uncover the new highlights in MindManager 2019, including:

  • Add new sorts of outlines utilizing foundation Objects and Smart Shapes.
  • Better approaches to see and order data inside your outlines utilizing the enhanced timetable view and the new tag and symbol sees. These are ground-breaking new devices to increase new experiences and viewpoint.
  • New features outlines simpler to peruse and comprehend including new layouts, new subjects, upgraded symbols, new shapes and Smart Shapes, new custom points, new text styles, a less demanding to-utilize topic planner, an all the more ground-breaking design painter and the capacity to make your themes a similar width to enhance meaningfulness.
  • SmartRules™ capability that can automate workflows within your maps as well as provide more enhanced conditional formatting. The rules library can also add your rules to each new map automatically, reducing your work, automating your flows and driving consistency across your diagrams.
  • What’s more, if this is not enough, take a look at this new video that exhibits a portion of these energizing new highlights.

What else can MindManager users anticipate from this new version?

With a huge amount of new highlights, the developers has likewise been working diligently settling bugs and keeps on focusing on numerous little points of interest that we call ‘quality of life’ upgrades. These are gone for rearranging your work process, decreasing snaps to achieve objectives, and other ease of use enhancements. Most likely clients will be enabled to have the best involvement. MindManager is build to help in your work, not act as a burden!

What are the best new highlights?

The new SmartRules is the highlight and this is what MindManager users should expect to hear more about and get used to.

Many users normally begin their charts with a right-confronting map. In prior versions, you needed to click new, go to the design ribbon, select the central topic and afterward change the layout. It’s a bulky process before you can add another topic. Instead, now you just rightclick and change the layout – no more.

SmartRules will be the game changer

The genuine expense of missing IT security

Organizations hoping to spare expenses by previous IT safety efforts ought to alter their estimations. As present models appear, it is ending up progressively costly to defer activities or reject speculation proposition.

As per the organization, Taiwanese organization TSMC as of late encountered an episode of the notorious WannaCry ransomware. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes processors and frameworks on-a-chip (SoCs) for personal computers and cell phones for some significant makers.

The organization likewise fabricates Apple-outlined A12 chips for the coming iPhone ages. In the wake of introducing another PC in the creation organize, WannaCry could spread over the interior system – most likely in light of the fact that not all accessible patches had been connected to the PC preceding associating it to the system. TSMC would not have connected fundamental IT security best practices for this situation.

Because of the occurrence, generation at a few locales ground to a dramatic end throughout the end of the week. The organization itself assesses the expense of the occurrence to associate with 3 percent of yearly turnover – around 170 million USD.

The organization is idealistic to at present achieve its money related objectives for 2018, yet the rest of the quarters should compensate for the present misfortune.

Companies looking to save costs by foregoing IT security measures should adjust their calculations. As current examples show, it is becoming increasingly expensive to delay actions or reject investment proposals.

Meet ABBYY at Banque & Innovation

Visit ABBYY at the Banque & Innovation trade show on the 16 October. Banque & Innovation gives you the possibility to discover the latest trends and technical innovations shaping the banking sector, as well as their capacity to transform its organizations.

The Experts of ABBYY will be there to present the content intelligence solutions at stand S15 and you will also have the possibility to participate in the 15 min conference on the topic #contentintelligence and compliance.

More information about the 

MindManager Enterprise

With the right map, your business can go anywhere

A successful business starts with well-equipped teams. But when software, tools and data are siloed and disconnected, the gaps in between can cause communications to break down, visions to conflict and projects to fail.

MindManager Enterprise gives businesses a one-stop solution that empowers team members to work more efficiently on their own, collaborate more effectively with each other, maximize the tools available to them and achieve their goals – and yours – faster than ever.

Announcing Pinnacle Studio 22

Pinnacle 22 Standard, Plus and Ultimate – are now available. We’re delighted to announce that the flagship video editing software – Pinnacle 22 Standard, Plus and Ultimate – are now available.

Pinnacle Studio 22 is fully loaded with features you would expect to find in professional video editing software. Create immersive 360 videos, sync and capture video from multiple devices, superimpose people over backgrounds with the Green Screen Effect, experience color grading tools or even create animations with Stop Motion*. In fact, everything you would need to create stunning videos.

The latest NEW features include:

  • Color Grading (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Stylize images to set the tone and mood with new color grading controls, including color correction, color tuning and luminance controls.
  • Three and Four-Point Editing (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Precisely insert clips with new three and four-point editing. Mark the in and out points of clips and identify the location on your timeline.
  • MultiCam Capture: Video Capture and Screen Recorder (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Record screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos. Capture system audio, video, and microphone sound in a single click.
  • Selective Color (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Bring focus to the spotlight and highlight a single color in s picture, pushing everything else to the background in black and white.
  • Split Screen Video with Keyframes (Available in Ultimate only): Use keyframes to add motion to split screen videos and show multiple video streams simultaneously.
  • 3D Motion Objects (Available in Ultimate only) : Create custom motions with new 3D objects and titling options. Enhance videos with customizable, eye-catching titles and graphics.
  • Video Essentials I by NewBlue (Available in Ultimate only) : Includes 10 video editing plug-ins to easily sharpen the focus of raw footage, crop borders, enhance details, tint your video, and remove camera flashes.
  • Pinnacle Studio Plus

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  • Pinnacle Studio 22

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  • Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate

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MindManager training for teams

ScanDix provides MindManager training for teams online as well as on location – Worldwide.

Certified trainer since 1995

This done through a unique partnership between Mindjet and Corel Mindmanager and one of Europe’s best and certified trainers – first certified in 1995, now again certified, summer 2018 , and ready to help your organization to get the most out of your MindManager investment.

This means ongoing courses and competence updates that ensure you to be up to date with the latest features and the most advanced options in MindManager.

Topics you will learn about

  • Methodology of MindManager
  • MindManager user interface
  • Creating a first map using map templates
  • Capturing, structuring and formatting content
  • Map markers: categorizing content with symbols and tags
  • Filter-, search- and indexing-functionalities
  • Usage of further elements
    − Hyperlinks & attachments
    − Topic notes & topic properties
    − Integration of MS Outlook
    − Import & export capabilities
  • Introduction into working with task information

5 reasons to invest in your mindmap team?

Investing in your mind map users, is multiplying the ROI of the investment in the software immediately. Figuratively speaking it’s making a single tool, into a turbocharged multitool and your users into experts in making things happen with it.

How to order Mindmanager training for teams ?

First, lets get to know each other. We would like to know who you are, where you are and how big your team is. Please use the form below and our sales agent will contact you for further booking details.

Prices and plans

It’s simple – we offer you 2 models.

  1. MindMap for teams – 1-4 hours, one day – EUR 1.500,-
  2. MindMap for teams – 4-8 hours, one day – EUR 2.000,-

*Prices are exclusive accomodation cost and transportation.