About us

Value Added Software Reseller

ScanDix is a Value Added Software Reseller. We dedicate ourselves to be best-in-business when it comes to service, great efficiency and fair prices. It is for individuals, businesses, schools and government institutions for our European customers.

For almost 10 years, the team behind ScanDix has worked and strove relentlessly to help customers in finding, understanding and strategically purchase the right and suitable software solutions.

Software Solutions

What makes ScanDix a good reseller is our commitment to help the customers. We have excellent product support. We provide detailed answer to your questions/inquiry including options to choose from. We have thorough understanding of your needs to find the right solution that suits you best. We also provide special agreements to some complicated cases if necessary.

We do IT differently

Fundamentally ScanDix is operating a little bit different than other similar resellers. We do not have expensive domiciles, no aggressive sales people, no impatient managers, no key accounts and receptionists. We do not have all the expensive operating costs. That is why our products are cheaper, but the quality the same.

Efficiency through automation

We have automatic procedure in logistics. Everything from sales to administration and support.

We are a highly efficient software supplier with diligence and experience in providing software and niche products with great respect for the product as well as the customer.

Together with a variety of suppliers and a back-end technical team and product specialists, we provide the service and support you need to get started and moving on – for free! You only pay the software you purchase.

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