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Your professional software reseller in Europe.

Founded in 2009, ScanDix operates slightly differently from similar software resellers, having no large and extravagant domicile, no aggressive sales staff, no unnecessary middle managers, no receptionists, and no occupied boardrooms.

However, we DO have product and software license experts, efficient logistics, the finger on the pulse that, through diligence and experience, internal hands-on experience, fast communication, and a software reseller who delivers professional software advice and solutions with an eye for the best possible solution for our customers.

All customers shall have a good experience. 

Small and large software solutions, whether for private individuals needing a good antivirus product, educational institutions need to supply classrooms with specialized software, or a multinational company that needs strategic volume software licensing agreements. We have, among other things.

We deliver software solutions to some of the largest companies, schools, and public institutions within the education sector, the public sector, and non-profit organizations.

We can handle large tasks and solutions because we have many years of experience and fantastic collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers. Then we must in all modesty admit that we like what we do with the prices and better service, we are good with it. So you can expect that you will get the same or better price with ScanDix than what you can elsewhere.

Direct contact with the brand owners and distribution.

To be constantly updated with the latest news and versions of software and the applicable license terms requires immense dedication and commitment, and just that is what we have for you. We work alongside in daily contact with the distribution and brand owners. When issues arise, whether presales, logistics, or support issues, it is essential for a reseller like us to know whom and where to go. As a customer with ScanDix, you will get a share in this valuable contact. 

Large selection and many varieties -- numerous products on sale are available in up to several hundred different types. Therefore, it makes no sense to be in stock of every item number. It would increase the prices quite enormously, and for software certificates. It is simply impossible as the manufacturers only write individually when an authorized dealer requests it with all the correct customer data. Therefore, our logistics proceed to ship all physical products directly from the manufacturer or distribution office to the end customer's address, including virtual products, software downloads, electronic license keys, serial numbers, license agreements, etc. All deliveries always go beyond our logistics. We approve each delivery before it redistributes to the final delivery to the desired e-mail.

Overall, all parties save time and money, and customers will find the total savings directly on the price. Therefore, we want to be your number 1 preferred software supplier.

When you contact us we will do our very best to answer your questions, fast, correct and efficient. It can e.g. be an excellent idea to call us if you are in doubt about which product to choose in our webshop. Ensure you have an e-mail address we can send further information to so we, e.g. can send you direct links to the right product or information you need. When you write to us - 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during or outside opening hours, you will find that we respond quickly and politely. We let you share your thoughts and listen to you, and we won't let you wait for answers that never come. We insist that you must not have contacted us without having a good experience.

We welcome you to ScanDix.