MindManager 2019 – The benefits.

Recently MindManager 2019 was launched and our customers are thrilled. But what makes this new version to much different, what are the benefits?

Throughout the years MindManager have constantly changed and adopted to the new Windows technology, the supporting apps and the modern technology in general but the purpose is the same – to help and support individuals and teams see the big picture, brainstorm and innovate to solve problems, create winning methodologies and plan out the activities to transform their ideas into the real world.

With version 2019, users of MindManager got another enormous stride. This version truly moves the dial on how MindManager can be utilized to see your reality from alternate points of view, create new bits of knowledge, and enhance profitability inside the organisation.

The MindManager developers has been working diligently, and is eager to uncover the new highlights in MindManager 2019, including:

  • Add new sorts of outlines utilizing foundation Objects and Smart Shapes.
  • Better approaches to see and order data inside your outlines utilizing the enhanced timetable view and the new tag and symbol sees. These are ground-breaking new devices to increase new experiences and viewpoint.
  • New features outlines simpler to peruse and comprehend including new layouts, new subjects, upgraded symbols, new shapes and Smart Shapes, new custom points, new text styles, a less demanding to-utilize topic planner, an all the more ground-breaking design painter and the capacity to make your themes a similar width to enhance meaningfulness.
  • SmartRules™ capability that can automate workflows within your maps as well as provide more enhanced conditional formatting. The rules library can also add your rules to each new map automatically, reducing your work, automating your flows and driving consistency across your diagrams.
  • What’s more, if this is not enough, take a look at this new video that exhibits a portion of these energizing new highlights.

What else can MindManager users anticipate from this new version?

With a huge amount of new highlights, the developers has likewise been working diligently settling bugs and keeps on focusing on numerous little points of interest that we call ‘quality of life’ upgrades. These are gone for rearranging your work process, decreasing snaps to achieve objectives, and other ease of use enhancements. Most likely clients will be enabled to have the best involvement. MindManager is build to help in your work, not act as a burden!

What are the best new highlights?

The new SmartRules is the highlight and this is what MindManager users should expect to hear more about and get used to.

Many users normally begin their charts with a right-confronting map. In prior versions, you needed to click new, go to the design ribbon, select the central topic and afterward change the layout. It’s a bulky process before you can add another topic. Instead, now you just rightclick and change the layout – no more.

SmartRules will be the game changer