Announcing Pinnacle Studio 22

Pinnacle 22 Standard, Plus and Ultimate – are now available. We’re delighted to announce that the flagship video editing software – Pinnacle 22 Standard, Plus and Ultimate – are now available.

Pinnacle Studio 22 is fully loaded with features you would expect to find in professional video editing software. Create immersive 360 videos, sync and capture video from multiple devices, superimpose people over backgrounds with the Green Screen Effect, experience color grading tools or even create animations with Stop Motion*. In fact, everything you would need to create stunning videos.

The latest NEW features include:

  • Color Grading (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Stylize images to set the tone and mood with new color grading controls, including color correction, color tuning and luminance controls.
  • Three and Four-Point Editing (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Precisely insert clips with new three and four-point editing. Mark the in and out points of clips and identify the location on your timeline.
  • MultiCam Capture: Video Capture and Screen Recorder (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Record screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos. Capture system audio, video, and microphone sound in a single click.
  • Selective Color (Available in Plus & Ultimate): Bring focus to the spotlight and highlight a single color in s picture, pushing everything else to the background in black and white.
  • Split Screen Video with Keyframes (Available in Ultimate only): Use keyframes to add motion to split screen videos and show multiple video streams simultaneously.
  • 3D Motion Objects (Available in Ultimate only) : Create custom motions with new 3D objects and titling options. Enhance videos with customizable, eye-catching titles and graphics.
  • Video Essentials I by NewBlue (Available in Ultimate only) : Includes 10 video editing plug-ins to easily sharpen the focus of raw footage, crop borders, enhance details, tint your video, and remove camera flashes.
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