MindManager 2019 is here!

Transcend the limits on what you can see, create, communicate and achieve in your work and business with MindManager 2019.

The most robust, customizable information visualization software available, it empowers you to uncover hidden possibilities, unite information and teams, and unleash productivity to do great work faster than ever.

Deliver meaning and impact to presentations and plans, with expanded shape options, simplified design tools and beautiful themes. See and show information exactly the way you need to, with new views and enhanced filtering. Drive faster processes and workflows with next-level automation, and so much more.

MindManager 2019 helps you create the right map for every project, audience and purpose … and with the right map, you can go anywhere.

What’s New in MindManager 2019 for Windows

The NEW Tools and Features in MindManager 2019 for Windows Include;

Theme DesignsTheme Designs

First impressions influence everything that follows. Our new visual themes feature fresh colors, modern fonts and personality-packed designs that set an immediate tone for your presentation, and instantly convey subtle yet significant messages about your brand, style, and content

  • Choose from 40+ (Im Messaging steht 50+) stunning new visual themes, from polished to whimsical to dramatic
  • Transform any map’s look, feel and tone with a single click
  • Effortlessly switch themes to engage different audiences and support different goals

Easy Theme Editor

Easy Theme Editor

Small visual details can have a big communication impact. Our theme editing tools have been streamlined into clean, easy-to-use menus. With just a few simple clicks, you can fine-tune any map’s look to say exactly what you want it to.

  • Easily adjust topic text, fonts, shapes, lines, colors and more
  • Change a map’s visual theme without changing its structure
  • Create highly customized visualizations aligned with your brand, content, and vision

HTML5 Export & Publish Filtering

HTML5 Export & Publish Filtering

Clear directions keep everyone on the right path. With new filtering and linking capabilities built into our HTML5 Export and Publish tools, recipients of your shared maps can more quickly and easily find the information you want them to see, moving projects and conversations forward.

  • Make shared maps easier for people to navigate, understand and respond to
  • Exported & published maps can be filtered on icons, tags, resources and saved Power Filter queries
  • Create direct topic links to visually guide recipients to the content you want them to see



Conditional formatting changed the stories your maps could tell. Now the next chapter is here. SmartRules™ extends and goes beyond conditional formatting, empowering you to automatically trigger changes in actual topic data – reducing repetitive tasks and transforming maps from simply representing your processes and workflows, to driving and accelerating them.

  • Write rules that change topic icons, tags, properties, progress & priority markers, based on specific triggers
  • Apply SmartRules to individual objects or topics, select branches or full diagrams
  • Automate content updates to task lists, project plans, flowcharts and more, saving time and igniting productivity

Tag ViewTag View
Projects succeed when they stay in forward motion. Tag View gives you a clear picture of a project’s overall progress towards completion, and where each individual task is in the process, so you can make the right changes to keep things on track and on time.
• See and update the status of tasks & action items in a progressive, Kanban-style columnar view
• Instantly identify backlogs, bottlenecks and resource issues
• Define processes with custom column tags that are automatically applied in Map View

Icon View
Icon ViewThe right perspective can change everything. We’ve evolved our popular Priority View to include all 500+ icons, and enhanced all views with more flexible sorting and organizing options, so you can more easily see and show the exact information you need, the moment you need it.
• View your map content organized by any applied icon, including Priority, Progress and 500+ others
• Assign icons to topics within Icon View via simple drag & drop
• Update and manage topics more quickly, easily & logically in all views

500+ new & enhanced icons

500+ new & enhanced icons
Maximum information doesn’t have to take up a maximum amount of space. Our expanded and enhanced icon library lets you quickly add vast amounts of visual data to any topic, creating efficient communications that deliver meaning and inspire action at a single glance.
• Instantly indicate status, feedback, resources, currency, emotion, and much more with 500+ new and enhanced icons
• Use the new Icon View to see map content clearly organized by any applied icon
• All icons are integrated with SmartRules™ to trigger or be applied as effects

Enhanced menu design
Work is easier and results are better when you have the right tools at hand. Our redesigned menu is clearer, cleaner and more user-friendly than ever. You’ll spend less time searching for what you need, and have more time to imagine and create what you want.

• Full-color, well-spaced icons make it easy to find menu items
• Intuitively-organized submenus simplify & speed topic updates

New Imports
The right conditions can grow old ideas to new heights. Now you can enrich content created in XMind and FreeMind applications with a whole new degree of depth, meaning and value, using MindManager’s best-in-class mapping and diagramming tools.

• Convert XMind and FreeMind maps to MindManager files and evolve them leveraging the full breadth of MindManager features
• Import files directly into MindManager
• Maintain map structure and content from the original applications, with no loss of data

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