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In a nutshell Snagit from TechSmith is a screenshot program. Upon your request It captures whatever happens on your monitor whether this is video, animation, still photos, and even audio output. And despite other screen capture applications it gives you the possibility to capture parts of the screen, the entire screen or even option to capture the screen when scrolling, very usefull for websites and other content that goes beyond the borders of your screen.

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Want to know more about Snagit?

Use snagit to work more effective.

Here is a few examples of how Snagit is used.

  • Capture the window
    Initiate a capture from the capture window, which contains three tabs: Image, Video, and All-in-One. The tabs allow you to pick particular capture settings and make things happen even faster. All-in-One is a flexible option, but if you know the type of capture you want, you can always choose the Image or Video tab.
  • Using crosshairs
    Use the crosshairs to select what you want to capture. Hover over windows or regions to auto-select the area, or click and drag across a region to make a custom selection.
  • Selection preview and capture toolbar
    Release the crosshairs to preview your selection. If needed, use the handles at the edges to make adjustments. The Capture Toolbar is where you choose whether to launch an image, video, or panoramic capture. Click the camera icon to choose image capture.
  • Share your captures
    Captures are automatically brought into the editor where you can add arrows, callouts, make adjustments, and much more. When an image or video is ready to be saved or shared, open the Share menu and choose from one of the many destinations. The File option allows you to save your work right to your computer or a network drive. Send your content to, which allows you to share work with anyone by sending a URL. Or, send captures to specific applications like Camtasia or Microsoft Office.
  • Step tool magic
    The Step tool allows you to identify parts of an image by placing ordered callouts as you point and click. Each time you click to add another step, the number automatically advances.
  • Callouts to point things out
    Callouts allow you to point something out and add contextual information.
  • Customize annotations
    In the Properties panel, set fill and outline colors, drop shadow, shape, line thickness, and much more. Add customized callouts to your Quick Styles by clicking the plus button on the ghost callout.
  • Add effects like borders
    The Effects tab contains image enhancing options like borders, the torn edge effect, and more. Click an effect, and then choose the desired settings to add it to an image.
  • Auto-fill is auto-awesome
    The auto-fill feature allows you to move and remove many elements of any image. It’s quite powerful and can be used to clear text from text boxes or seamlessly move elements in an image. Choose the Selection tool and turn on auto-fill. Then, select and delete or move the selection. Snagit fills in the space with the surrounding color or gradient.
  • Combine images on the canvas
    Combine images by selecting the main image to display it on the canvas. Then, drag any image(s) from the tray to the canvas.
  • Record a video with Snagit
    When a screenshot isn’t enough, record a video with Snagit. Start your video capture from the All-in-One tab or speed things up by jumping right to the Video Tab. From the Video tab, choose to include the cursor in your video, record system audio (the sounds that come from your computer), or begin a recording with the webcam.
  • Select an area to record
    To get started, click the Capture button and then select your entire screen, a particular window, or a custom region.
  • Choose audio and webcam settings
    The video toolbar allows you to choose audio and webcam settings. Confirm that the desired audio channels – microphone and/or system audio – are turned on and working properly. Click the record button to begin.
  • Pause while recording
    While recording, pause and resume at any time, switch between the webcam and screen recording with the webcam button, and even change audio settings. When you’re done recording, click the stop button.



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