ScanDix expand to Europe

More than 5.000 customers and a history of providing software solutions through ScanDix Denmark delivering to a wide range of customers, experiencing customers, especially non-profit organisations, embassies, government institutions and even other resellers from all over Europe to request our services, it is now time to expand our services to Europe.

News and product launches

We do know, that our customers prefer to be informed and notified of new product versions, updates and news from manufacturers, product reviews, tests and awards.

As value Added Resellers we are always the first to know about product specific news and launched – typically weeks before it reach the public. This is possible through our many years of building and maintaining very strong business relations between the entire chain of delivery – From entrepreneurs, developers, manufacturers, distribution network and not without relevance you – the users.

Knowing our products

Combining these relevant information ScanDix for Europe are able to deliver high quality information to our users, customers and followers. We actually care the the specific product, we know what kind of value it can and will deliver to your organisation and we specialize in sharing this knowledge.