Enfocus Connect 2018 – Major release

Enfocus Connect 2018 is a major release and focuses on providing a cost effective toolset to help anyone involved in creating, quoting or producing PDFs for print.

Connect 2018 offers a collection of pre-set personal workflow applications that can perform a variety of tasks such as adding bleeds, checking image resolution (quality), scaling documents, and more.

In addition, Connect 2018 has an all-new backbone which includes:

  • Compatibility with Enfocus Pitstop 2018, using the all new PitStop Library 2018.
  • 64-bit compatibility for the new MacOSX.

A new web engine improving web form compatibility for HTML job tickets.Connect 2018 brings an exciting new feature to Switch users called Dynamic Submit Points. This new feature allows a Connector user to decide which Switch flow to use by selecting the appropriate flow’s submit point to which files are to be submitted. This reduces the need for creating, sharing and managing multiple Connectors.

Connect includes several predefined automated Apps for designers and print service providers.

For Designers:

  • Create Certified PDF for print.
  • Create PDFs for print from Microsoft Office documents.

For print service providers:

  • Check PDFs against job specifications.
  • Check image resolution, fonts and colors in a PDF.
  • Add bleeds to most PDFs including Office documents.
  • Change page trim size.
  • Scale documents to size.
  • Prepare documents for large format printing and cutting.
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